Frequently Asked Questions

Response to Local Offer Questions:

1. What does your service do?

  • At the Chobham, Bisley & West End Children’s Centre we offer the following services to families with children under 5:
  • Play-and-Learn sessions in Chobham and Bisley. These are universal services for anybody to access. Priority for these sessions are given to families in the centre’s reach area. There are qualified staff in these sessions that can offer support and are able to signpost you to relevant services that can support you and your child if required. Sessions are equipped with a range of equipment and resources that can support children with SEND.
  • Play days for Families with Hearing Impairment (Surrey Teachers for the Deaf).
  • Signposting to services such as:


                      Surrey Early Support


                      SLT (Speech & Language Therapy)

                      Bagshot Children’s Centre- ASD group

                      Surrey Short Breaks

  • Health Visitor 2 year old development checks
  • The Children’s Centre outreach/family support is able to support families in the Centre and in the home. Family support agreements are reviewed regularly.
  • The Children’s Centre consults with parents and considers the needs of families in the reach area when planning services

For further information, please click on the following link for a document explaining more about the response to questions raised regarding SEND (special education needs and disabilities)



What Parking is available at the Children's Centre?

Unfortunately over the recent weeks parking has become very limited at the Children's Centre, as the parking spaces outside the Centre is for the School and Children's Centre visitors.


We would therefore recommend that if you are attending a session under 2 hours that you park at the Chobham Ryder car park where parking is free for 2 hours. (you still need to get a ticket but no payment is required).  For people attending the health clinics please feel free to check availability for parking and if there are spaces in the Visitor Parking, please use them.


Map - showing further details (please click)